Frequently Asked Questions about AC Central

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How do I get the AC Central app?
The free apps are available in the Apple and Android app stores. If you have suggestions for improvements or find a bug, please send us feedback using the Submit Feedback feature in the app (you can find that in the Settings area accessible by touching the "hamburger" menu in the top right of the home screen).

What is the cost to my church to offer sermon streaming and/or archiving?
Making your church's sermons available in the AC Central mobile app – and your website, if applicable – requires an investment of $35/ month, which is billed semi-annually in advance. There is also a one-time setup fee of $185, which includes installation of all the necessary software at your recording bench, training, and tech support.

Our church is ready to sign up. What is the process?
Please complete this form. We will then contact you with detailed information about hardward/software requirements and then schedule your installation, once you are ready.

What are the requirements for adding sermon streaming and/or archives to our website?
Sermon playing can be added to nearly any type of website. It doesn’t matter who designed it or currently hosts it. The only requirement is the ability to paste code (which we will provide) into the web page that will show your sermons. We can do that for you if you provide us your user login to your web content management system. Or we can send the embed code to your webmaster / designer.

What are the requirements for live streaming our sermons?
The short answer is: a fairly current computer (Windows 7, Mac OS 10.7, or later) and a broadband internet connection. For more detailed information about specifications, contact us.

Our church website is hosted by Route24. Will we have to move our website?
No. Sermon streaming and web hosting are two separate services. If your church website is hosted by Route24, or any other host, you can continue to keep it there after transitioning to AC Central. (Route24 provides standalone website hosting for $15/mo.) This would be in addition to the AC Central cost.

Why is the new application called “AC Central”?
We chose this name because our vision was that this app would grow to become a hub of all sorts of useful Apostolic Christian content in the future. And it has.

Why did Apostolic Christian Publications decide to develop this system? Why not just buy the AC Sermon Streamer from Route24?
Purchasing Route24 Computer’s application was carefully considered. We are grateful for Route24’s pioneering work developing a sermon streaming system and mobile application. After considering our long-term goals for a church-owned mobile app, it was determined that creating our own system provided the most flexibility and extensibility. It was also more economical. 

Can we post our archived sermons and be on the sermon streamer app without offering live streaming?
Yes. If you prefer to not have an Internet connection at your church, you can still make your sermon archives available. You can simply upload the files from another location that has an Internet connection. The $35/mo. price still applies.

Why do I have to register to access the Silver Lining?
We realize this is an inconvenience, and appreciate your patience. Having an accurate list of our Silver Lining subscribers is very helpful, particularly as some readers transition from print to digital. Users will need to register just one time per device. (Note: if you uninstall then reinstall the app, you will need to register again.)

Why should our congregation consider making our sermons available online?
There are several groups that benefit from easy access to your sermons. First, members and friends of your local congregation can listen to your sermons when they are unable to attend regular services. The audio quality far exceeds that of the “call-in” method. Second, over 7,000 brethren, friends, and other interested listeners around the country have the AC Central app on their smartphones or tablets. They are blessed by the ability to supplement their spiritual diets with additional listening from other congregations when working, driving, exercising, etc. Lastly, making your sermons available on the app and/or your website provides an opportunity for those interested in attending your church to hear the Word preached and hopefully be encouraged to come in person.

What future plans are there for the app?
We have several ideas in mind, but we’d love to get your suggestions. If you have recommendations for ways to strengthen the brotherhood through edifying digital media, please submit them here or through the feedback form on the AC Central app. 

How will you decide what new features to add?
User input will help us evaluate ideas for new features. We will add them as quickly as possible based upon the funds available. Development will be paid for out of the revenues collected from AC Central paying customers. Donations are also welcome.

Will you make a Windows Phone version of the app?
We have no immediate plans for this due to the small market share of this platform. Windows Phone users can access AC Central sermon content by going to in their browser.

Who will be managing the application?
Direct oversight of the AC Central system is provided by the Brotherhood Communications Committee (BCC), a group of brothers and sisters with communications and technology expertise. A couple members are from the AC Publications board. The BCC reports to the Elder Communications Committee. Administration and billing is provided by the staff at AC Publications.

We have questions not answered here. Who do we contact?
Please complete this form and one of the AC Central contacts will be in touch. 

How can I financially support this initiative to make access to AC content, easy, affordable and attractive to our members and friends?
Thanks for your interest in helping fund this important project. This project would not have been possible without the generosity of our brotherhood. You may donate online by using HarvestCall's online formPlease select “AC Central” at the bottom of the drop down list.

 Or you may send a check to Apostolic Christian Publications. Please write “AC Central” on the memo.

Apostolic Christian Publications
PO Box 52
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