Congregation Website FAQs

Note: these website packages are available only to congregations in the Apostolic Christian Church of America.

How do we get started?
Please complete our contact form and we'll get in touch with you to answer any additional questions and, if ready, schedule your site setup.

Can I restrict access to certain pages on the website?
Yes. You can protect either entire pages or just certain sections of a page. For instance, some congregations have their church directory on their website, which you would not the general public to see. User permissions and roles can be setup to allow whatever level of access is desired. 

Can we make changes to our site or do we need to go though a central webmaster for that?
Once your site is setup, you will be given full Administrator rights. You can add or delete pages, move pages, add photos, edit text, create new users and roles, etc. The only thing you would not be able to do is modify the underlying site design template. If at any point you get stuck, there is central support available to help you out.

I really like how the Minneapolis, Goodfield, etc. site functions or looks, but I don't want to do include __________ on our site, like they have done.
You don't need to. Nearly every content area of the site is customizable. Each website that has been built with this package shows how that congregation chose to use their website (and there will likely be many similarities from congregation to congregation) but not everything shown will apply to your particular congregation. For example, you may not want to have an events listing on the homepage or perhaps you do want an events listing, but not in the same location. All of that can be easily changed.

What if I totally mess up a page?
Our web system allows you to easily roll back any content area to a previously saved state, so there is no need to fear.

Will I need to be a techie to work on our site?
No. We specifically chose a website content management system (CMS) that is simple to use. If you can use a word processor, you will be comfortable editing existing content. If you are moderately computer savvy, you should easily be able to make more significant changes or additions

I am a techie and want to be able to do advanced things on the site. Will I be able to?
Maybe. This website system is intended to fit the basic needs of most congregations and be simple to use. While it does offer considerable flexibility, such as the ability to embed custom code into pages, if your site has specific needs for custom or advanced functionality, it may not be the best choice. Contact us to discuss your needs and the system capabilities.

How long will it take to get a site up?
That depends on two things: your content and ACCA Communications staff workload. It often takes churches a great deal of time to collect or create all the necessary information for a website (photos, files, text) so more than likely we’ll be waiting on you rather than the other way around. Assuming you had everything ready to go, expect a four–six week turnaround for site setup.

Will I need to register a URL for our site?
Yes. If you do not already have one, find a site registrar (such as Network Solutions, RegisterName Cheap, etc.) and purchase a domain. (Be aware that registrars typically try to upsell you on lots of extra services. All you need is the domain. If you are concerned about your contact information being public, you will want to opt for their private registration / ID protection feature.) 

Many congregations have chosen this format: Replace “yourlocation” with the town your congregation is know by within the brotherhood. For example,

We already have a URL. Can we use it with the new site?
Yes. Once your new site is up and running, your URL can be directed to it. We will need to get access to your domain control panel on your domain registrar’s website to do that. 

Will our site look good on a smartphone and tablet?
Yes. The site design template is fully responsive, meaning it automatically adjusts to work optimally based on the screen size of the viewer’s device.

Would we be locked into any contract term?
There are no contracts. This service is available on a month-to-month basis.

Who do we pay for the site and how?
Billing and payments are administered through Apostolic Christian Publications. Billing is done semi-annually and sent to your church treasurer.

We’re a small church and cannot afford a site, but we’d like one. How do we get assistance?
Contact us and indicate that you need help. HarvestCall will help small, financially struggling congregations as part of their church bolstering mission.

I or my church would like to help small churches by paying a portion of their website cost. How do I do that?
If your church is using the ACCA congregation website package and paying annually or semi-annually, the invoice AC Publications sends will provide an option for paying extra to support small churches. Or you can send a donation at any time to AC Publications and designate it for small church support.

I appreciate this service. Who is paying for it?
The creation of this offering was initially funded by Apostolic Christian Mission Committee (now part of HarvestCall) and ongoing costs are paid by HarvestCall. If you’d like to support this effort (and other communications projects that are in the works), your donations to HarvestCall would be welcomed.

I have a question that wasn't addressed here. How do I get an answer? 
Please submit your question via our contact form and we'll respond promptly.