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Authorized website packages for Apostolic Christian congregations

Commissioned by the Elder Communications Committee and underwritten by the Mission Committee (now HarvestCall), this website package enables Apostolic Christian Church of America congregations to get a professionally designed, fully featured, responsive website that looks similar to this national church website (

If your congregation is interested in a new design for your current site or is considering a first website, we encourage you to look into this option. This template was specifically created for Apostolic Christian Church of America (ACCA) congregations.

Here are a couple example sites:,

Benefits of using the ACCA Website Package

  1. Congregations get a professionally designed, fully featured, responsive website with no large upfront cost. ("Responsive" means that the design dynamically adapts to fit the screen size of the device it is viewed on.)
  2. Free, expert site planning and setup assistance is available.
  3. The congregation’s website will be consistent with the national site.
  4. These websites are run on a user-friendly content management system. That means you will be able to easily make changes to your site, whenever you want.
  5. Down the road, when the national site design is updated, the congregation sites will be too, ensuring you have a fresh look that stays in sync with the denomination.

Reasons to have a website

  1. The Internet is usually the first place curious people go to get information about your local church.
  2. It can be a convenient central point of current communications and information for your congregation. For instance, announcements, church calendar, serving list, Sunday School information, etc.

Annual investment

A modest fee of $35/month ($210 every six months, billed in advance) covers all expenses: hosting, support and use of the template and website content management system. There is no setup fee.

Financial assistance is available for small churches that cannot afford this.

How to learn more or get started

If you need more information, start by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have a question not addressed there or are ready to take the next step, complete our Contact form

PLEASE NOTE: If your congregation is happy with its current site or has no interest in getting a website, please do not feel obligated in any way. This is merely offered as a means of helping those congregations that want sites or want an improved site that is consistent with this new national website.