While salvation comes by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, as a new creature in Christ, a believer will devote oneself to a life of zeal, commitment, and growth in understanding God's Word. 

As a result, members regularly assemble with their fellow believers and spend time daily in prayer and reading the Bible.

The Bible tells us to be “doers” not just “hearers” of the Word.1 And Jesus says we are not to be “of the world” even though we live our lives in it.2

Therefore, we seek to be a good example and portray the joy of the Lord. A Christian’s lifestyle should follow the patterns found in the Bible.

We believe the Word instructs that a humble, careful servant of God will have an outward appearance that is a reflection of the inward person. For instance, we teach that he or she should be dressed modestly and simply, without drawing unnecessary attention to oneself.3 Men should look masculine and women should look feminine.4

Female members are encouraged to have their long hair modestly arranged and refrain from use of makeup. Jewelry is discouraged.5

Members are taught to exercise discernment in use of media and avoid unedifying worldly entertainments. The goal is to be good stewards of our hearts and time.6

We are a family of brothers and sisters, adopted by our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.7 This spiritual kinship fosters a love and appreciation for each other, which motivates frequent visiting of other congregations within the brotherhood, and much fellowshipping within congregations.

This strong network of committed fellow believers provides tremendous accountability and support.

The New Testament grants believers liberty. However, it also instructs us to not allow our liberty to become a stumbling block for a weaker brother.8 Since Apostolic Christians are an interconnected brotherhood, we are encouraged to curtail our individual freedoms to benefit the local and national church family.

The Bible provides much instruction about family relationships, and strong homes are highly valued in the church. Divorce is rare. Children are plentiful. Many Apostolic Christian women choose to stay at home while the children are young.9 Fathers are instructed to be the spiritual leaders of the home.10

Believing that we “should do good unto all men,” we seek to bless others by caring for the elderly, troubled children, the handicapped, and those suffering from poverty and/or disaster throughout the world.11 The goal of these initiatives and our spiritual outreaches is to share the love of Christ and the message of salvation. A large percentage of members are actively involved in these ministries. Learn more about Apostolic Christian outreach programs.

Music is a big part of Apostolic Christian life. Pianos and other instruments are found in most homes. Singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs is integral to both our worship services and our daily lives.12

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